About us

WigglePurrWaggle -
That's us, Florian and Anna. Nice to meet you!
As proud cat parents, dog lovers and with the urge to do our own thing, we turned our passion into a business. It started in 2013 as „SammyMerlin“, as hobby and with a small selection of items for cats only. Now it turned into our fulltime job, we have a wide selection of products for both cats and dogs and couldn't be happier about it.

We loved our old name just like we love the ones who were the namesakes: Sammy and Merlin, our first two cats, the inspiration behind everything and still the bosses around here. However, the name just didn't feel comfortable anymore, as so much has changed. We wanted something to represent both our cat and dog product lines, and after hours and hours of thinking, we came up with „WigglePurrWaggle“. It's a perfect fit, as making cats purr and dog tails waggle has always been our mission. And we're beyond happy that this happened in many parts of the world and resulted in many loyal customers.


Our products are colorful, fun, stylisch – but also functional, durable and created with your pet's needs in mind. We take pride in our work and only use the best materials to turn them into – hopefully – great products. Any item is made by ourselves in our workspace.
As small two people business we have the great opportunity to create everything just like we imagine it. Working closely together with our customers and knowing what they want and need gives us the chance to develop our product range constantly.

As we've been vegetarians for a long while now, trying our best to go more and more vegan, this has a big impact on our store. We don't offer leather collars and try to avoid animal products whenever we find another option your pet will love. We also care for our environment and are working constantly on running our business suistanably. We're not perfect yet, it's a process, but we're doing our very best and aim for getting better and better at it.

If you have any questions, please send us a message.
Otherwise, we hope you're having fun here at WigglePurrWaggle and maybe you'll find something you and your furfriend love!

Flo & Anna


Hi, I'm Sammy. I'm passionate product tester for our Catnip and Valerian toys. I also work as plus-size meowdel (I like eating a lot.)

Hi, I'm Merlin. I am in charge here. In my free time I enjoy bellyrubs and chasing Sammy through the flat.

Hi, my name is Theodore, but my humans call me Teddy or Taps. I'm chef supervisor and always there when the humans are working on orders. I loooove the spotlight, so I am also chef model. Basically, the whole crew would be lost without me!

Hi, I'm Knubbel, one of the newest team members. I'm a bundle full of energy and always there to entertain the humans with my antics. When they're stressed I jump right on their arms and give them some kisses to cheer them up. Works every time!

Hi, I'm Sheldon. I turned from a very sick kitten in a talented newcomer meowdel! I love being part of everything, so you will find me next to my humans purring most of the day.​