Suistanable cat toys

Suistanable – Free of synthetic materials
Quality Catnip/Valerian – For longterm play fun
Sewn multiple times – To widthstand the fiercest kitties claws
With spelt husks – For a natural crinkle sound
Vegan – Because we care about all kinds of animals

Candy Cane
This handmade candy cane cat toy is the purrfect gift for your housetiger!
9,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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In the making of our suistanable cat toys we don't use any kind of synthetic materialis or animal products - because we care about out environment and about all kinds of animals.
The cat toys are made of cotton fabric, Organic Catnip, Valerian and spelt husks. Made to last and sewn multiple times: we want your cat to go WILD! Catnip and Valerian will bewitch your cat. He/she will love kicking and licking the toys or carrying them around. Spelt husks have a natural crinkle effect and stimulate another one of your cat's senses. Handmade with love in Germany.